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Welcome to MedBerry Health. Our providers are excited and honored to put our patients first in their healthcare journey. MedBerry Health’s vision is one in which individuals and families trust our providers to respond to their needs in humane and holistic ways. Our core values are centered around high-quality health care, dignity, respect and empowerment of the patients. This includes transparent, accessible services, appropriate and timely scheduling of appointments, increased time with patients and overall better patient outcomes. This translates to increased access to providers, improved communication, care coordination across any specialty, hospital or health system. We put our patients first in all that we do.

We are currently accepting commercial insurance while we transition to a Direct-Primary Care Model. 

The Patient Doctor Relationship 

The days where the patient-doctor relationship was just between the patient and the physician have become far and few between. Healthcare in America typically involves insurance companies, hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies all having a say in virtually all decisions made by your doctor about your health. For example, you visit Dr. X for a side ache that has been going on a couple weeks. Dr. X wants to spend time with you but is scheduled to see a patient every 15 minutes by her hospital-based practice. This includes the visit and checking boxes in the medical record to bill accurately. She refers you to a gastroenterologist which in turn leads to weeks of waiting. 

Unfortunately, Dr. X does not work for you, they work for the system. You may even pay for the expensive insurance plan but if your doctor only has 7 minutes with you, and is paid by someone else, you are just another piece of the system. 

This is why MedBerry Health was started. As a MedBerry Health provider, I seek to change this, to take care of my patients, answer only to my patients, and enable them to take back control of their healthcare. 

Luke B. Berry MD
The MedBerry Network 
Medical Director and Founder 
MedBerry Health PLLC  

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