MedBerry Primary Care

Quality Primary Care in San Antonio

Are you looking for a primary care provider in San Antonio, TX? We are a locally owned and operated primary care clinic. We provide in-person and virtual medical care.

Whether you have commercial insurance or no insurance, we are here for you. We offer Direct Primary Care through the MedBerry Network for $99.00 a month or Traditional Primary Care by accepting commercial insurance.  See below to find out more. 

Why Should You Come to Our Primary Care Clinic in San Antonio?

MedBerry Clinic provides high quality care combined with excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a convenient place to go for primary care (or urgent care) in the San Antonio area, come visit us today!

What is the MedBerry Network?

The MedBerry Network is direct primary care, or subscription based medicine that does not rely on insurance. We charge a monthly fee ($99.00) that covers access to our clinic and all of our services. Unlike traditional insurance, there are no copays, no high deductibles, no prior authorizations. MedBerry Direct Primary Care is a true partnership between patient and providers, cutting out the middleman of insurance, offering comprehensive care while valuing your views and embrace shared decision making.

Why Choose the MedBerry Network?

The MedBerry Network, or as we call it, The Network, gives patient access to unlimited appointments, longer appointment times, unlimited urgent care visits, mental health counseling and our weight loss program. Further, we will cover the cost of one full set of blood work and provide white glove service for care coordination as well as assist with meal and workout plans.

We value a holistic approach to medicine that is tailored to each patient, not reliant upon insurance, focusing on preventative and proactive medical care.

Get Access to the Best Primary Care in San Antonio, TX

Whether you choose Direct Primary Care, or choose to use insurance, MedBerry Clinic strives to make your healthcare journey enjoyable and transformative. We focus on the individual patient, rather than just their medical condition. We recognize that each patient has their own unique needs and values, and that these factors should be taken into account with healthcare decisions.


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Direct Primary Care ($99/Monthly) Average Commercial Insurance ($249/Monthly Premium)
In Person Office Visits $0 10% Copay
Telehealth Visits $0 10% Copay
Annual Wellness Visit $0 $0
Care Coordination $0 $0
Urgent Care Visits $0 10% Copay
Blood Work *$0 10% Copay
Weight Loss Program $0 **Not accessible
Mental Health Counseling $0 **Not accessible
24/7 Access to Provider $0 Not accessible
Nutrition and Workout Plan $0 Not accessible
*Direct Primary Care covers one full set of blood.

**Depending on a patient’s insurance plan, a deductible payment is required before the commercial insurance will cover costs. This means the patient will pay out of pocket until the deductible amount is met.
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