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Direct Primary Care and Specialized Services
Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive health care utilizing the most up-to-date evidence-based medicine. We focus on the whole person, rather than just their medical condition.
  •  Same Day Appointments
  • Unlimited Office & Urgent Care Visits
  • Full Set Of Blood Work Annually
  • White-Glove Care Coordination With Specialists
  • Much More!
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  • Direct Primary Care can lead to reduced cost in the long run by preventing complications, reducing hospital admission, reducing emergency department visits and improving patient satisfaction.
  • We understand how difficult insurance can be. Premiums are expensive, who and when you see is often restricted, or you have to wait months for a regular visit. With the Medberry Network, we offer same day and next day appointments and longer appointment times.
  • Less patients – more attention to care – Most primary care offices who take insurance cover about 2000 – 3000 patients. This is what leads to shorter patient visits, longer wait time, and an overall decrease in the quality of care. The MedBerry Network caps its patient load to less than half of an average clinic. Our low numbers allows us to devote more time to our patients.
  • Urgent Care services covered are included with a Direct Primary Care Membership!
  • No hidden fees

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